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 About Us

Welcome to বাংলা কবিতা Site

 In the year 2020, we started a blog called "বাংলা কবিতা" for those poetry lovers who have been loving poetry since childhood.  Poems that are still missed by those who came to school life as a child.  But due to lack of time or opportunity, it was never read again  Your extensive response to our blog has inspired us to create this website.  At first we thought of giving our website the name 'Bangla Kabita' according to the domain name, but we did not change it because of our long-standing love for the name 'Bangla Kabita'.  I hope your love will continue.

  To make the website visitor friendly, so that visitors can easily find and read their poems.  If the speed of the website is too slow then the visitors feel annoyed to use it.  So just to increase the attractiveness of the website we tried to make the website smooth without using extra plugins or themes with more content.  The website uses as few images as possible, and the ones that are used are optimized as much as possible.  So I hope you do not bother browsing the website.  We are constantly trying to make the website more visitor friendly.

 In this day and age, we do not have the time and opportunity to sit down with books, but we are constantly roaming the internet via mobile / computer.  So this is what we are trying to do in our spare time, in those childhood days, in our favorite moments of reading poetry.

 We may have memorized many poems in such a way that we still mutter unknowingly.  But so far I have not seen any picture of that favorite poet.  So we tried to attach their pictures to the biographies of the poets, I don't know how successful we were.  We do not have pictures of some poets in our collection, in this case, if you can help us, our collection of poems will be more full.

 I don't know how much you like this website, but if you like it a little bit, our efforts are worth it.  All your feedback about our blog can make our blog more fulfilling.  So let us know your opinions and suggestions. And since people are just wrong, it is normal for us to be wrong too.  Can  So if Gulu forgives the mistake and looks at us with a beautiful look, we will definitely try to correct it.  Also, if anyone has any objections to any of our publications, please email us with full details and links.  Of course we will take the matter seriously.

 You can mail the admin along with the contact page of our website to give any comments regarding the বাংলা কবিতা, pictures of the poets in your collection.

 You can contact us at amadertips9@gmail.com or on our Facebook page.

 Goodbye everyone, wherever you are, whatever you are.

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